Want IP Telephony Cheap?


3CX will work with any SIP Provider. SIP is dialtone service delivered over the internet. For SIP to be delivered, there is no extra phone equipment necessary. Phone service is directly connected to your 3CX PBX system through the internet/ethernet cable. With providers like Callcentric, you can have a 3line trunk for very cheap.

Are you starting a business or division?

3CX with Callcentric gives you a low cost of entry. You can have a 3-line system for incoming and outgoing calls for less than $21 per month. That is amazing! The three lines will be in a "hunt group" and for $4 more, you get a toll-free number.


Case Study..

How 3CX works for SDCC

San Diego Computer Consulting® uses 3CX for our phone systems. Our billing office in Pacific Beach is where our phone lines come into the PBX. We have two vendors for phones. We use AT&T Business Land Lines with a combination of Callcentric SIP lines. The PBX has VPN to a number of staff, staff homes/place of business, and our data center at American Internet Services. When a call comes in, it rings at 5 remote extensions at each location simultaneously. If a call is made from extension to extension, it is done so through the PBX directly over the VPN connection. When an outgoing call is made, it always comes outbound through the PBX stemmed in Pacific Beach.