In the best of hands.

No Worry Exchange Conversions

We will move you to a new Exchange server without any downtime! With San Diego Computer Consulting® , you are in the best of hands!

San Diego Computer Consulting® is tops at making sure your conversion will go smoothly. When we do Exchange Conversions, there is little to no downtime. There is no disruption in email service or email box availability. We take pride in our 100% success in email conversions. We can convert your company to a hosted/co-located Exchange server simply and quickly. We have over 17 years of experience mastering all versions of Microsoft Exchange. There are no tools or user activity that has to be done to convert your Exchange server to our hosted services.

We will completely take care of the following:
  • Migration of all email boxes to the new server
  • Old server to new server forwarding
  • MX record changes
  • Spam filter setup
  • SPF records setup
  • HTTPS/OWA/Outlook Anywhere setup, complete and online
  • IMAP, LDAP synchronization

How we do it!

Do you really trust the big hosted exchange houses? With SDCC, you are a big fish in our pond!

San Diego Computer Consulting® provides solutions including adroit consulting and implementation of your Hosted/Co-Located Exchange environme?ts. Each company has their own individual environment and we focus on fitting your requirements into a smart solution. We have converted 100�s of company�s Exchange servers with great success.

There are many ways to convert an Exchange server including Mailbox Migration via server or via workstation. Most large providers migrate email through a difficult, long, and convoluted process through their own tools. SDCC uses smart, integrated Microsoft tools that make the migration easy and painless. Because we are a niche company, we are able to provide smart solutions specifically tailored for each company�s individual requirements and needs.

We make most of our changes off hours, including weekends and nights. Our migrations are smooth and transparent. We take pride in treating our clients with straight forward solutions and by making sure migrations are smooth and trouble free!

Why use us?
  • We listen to you!
  • We have done 100’s of upgrades. We are one of the best in the city!
  • We build an individualized implementation plan.
  • We design the conversion based on YOUR requirements.
  • We can migrate 100’s of users’ mailboxes transparently.
  • We can do any version of Exchange. We are experts!
  • We can help guide you (or your IT team) towards the best implementation plans.
  • San Diego Computer Consulting® is specialized in all Exchange implementations, upgrades, and conversions.
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