Microsoft Terminal Services

This Windows 2008 Service is the best remote access solution as it is Very Quick, gives you full access to all your Windows applications, and allows you to access the server from anywhere on the internet. There are two types of Terminal Services:

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
    With Remote Desktop, you get a remote desktop from anywhere on the internet. You can assess your desktop and use most any application that you run at the office, via logging into your office server. It is FAST and there are very few Printing Problems!
  2. Microsoft Remote Application Services
    With Remote Application, you can just run a single application over the web without having another desktop on your computer. You can run your program as if it was local on your desktop via the Internet. This is called “Cloud Computing”  -   LEARN MORE

VPN Connectivity Networking

San Diego Computer Consulting® specializes in SonicWALL & Cisco Routers for VPN Tunneling.

Virtual Private Networking allows you to connect offices in different locations. This type of technology allows you to connect networks together via a private, encrypted tunnel that is pre-programmed via each of the SonicWALL & Cisco Routers. When the networks are tied together, it creates a virtual connection between the offices. People use this technology to save the use of a dedicated T1 between offices.


This is a great solution for our office. Our staff can go in the field with our clients and use our software from a web page. They get the full featured software and it runs fast. The Solution is very quick and easy to use!

Dennis Hicks,
Hicks Financial Services