Sharepoint 2010

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool that makes it easier for people to work together by sharing information, managing documents, creating reports, developing workflows, and even creating collaboration websites. SharePoint allows you to store and manage your documents so they are easy to maintain. It also makes it easy to share and search for your documents so that you can more effectively collaborate with others.

Who might need SharePoint?

Many small businesses have a very simple and informal way of communicating and managing information that, while easy to do, is not very efficient. For example, many small businesses keep all of their information in Word and Excel documents which are either stored on a server somewhere or passed around through emails and attachments. Once changes and revisions start being made to these documents however, problems start to arise when SO MANY different versions and copies of the documents are floating around. Searching for a document or finding the most recent update can become a time consuming and frustrating task.

Sharepoint 2010

How SharePoint can help

SharePoint makes it easy to store, edit, and search through your documents allowing document management to be more efficient. As the name implies, SharePoint also makes it easy to allow others to access your documents as well. This means that you can store and organize all of your documents in one place. The system you set up can be as simple as everyone having full access to everything OR you could create a system where documents must be checked out before being revised and users are granted access according to privileges set up by the administrator.

Microsoft SharePoint Certified

We are certified with Microsoft and can help you customize and personalize SharePoint for your company intranet. We can help you plan, organize, and deploy your company’s SharePoint implementation. San Diego Computer Consulting® can also help you add other related technologies such as Search Server Express which build upon and expand the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services.